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Former child soldier Yaoundé Nkita prepares with the group to re-enact his experiences being abducted from his classroom in Democratic Republic of Congo.


A scene from the set of ‘Situation Rooms’ is overlaid on a burning cityscape.


Narendra Divekar speaks with Shahzad Akbar at a “cast” party after the interactive play has concluded.


An audience member of ‘Situation Rooms’ observes another playing the role of a surgeon for Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Volker Herzog, as he triages a patient.


Indian Army Gunship Pilot, Narendra Divekar, re-enacts a typical mission on the set of ‘Situation Rooms.’


Cast and crew members wander the labyrinthine halls of the “theatre” during the production of ‘Situation Rooms.’


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Interview and Q&A with director Christine Cynn at the Philosophical Film Festival 2017